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Is Impact Academy a Charter, Community or Private School?
FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my child/student into Impact Academy?
Who transports students to Impact Academy?
No, no, and no. None of the above. The Ohio Department of Education does NOT recognize us as an official "educational institution" or "academic program." We are a private business. We contract with local school districts (and beyond) to provide special education services on their behalf when they are not able to be provided by school districts, due to space/capacity issues OR all reasonable services have been tried and exhausted with specific students OR a student requires a more restrictive academic setting because of the intensity of behavioral, emotional and/or academic needs.
It should come as no surprise that no matter how many web pages we may have here, they can never keep up with all of the questions that remain about us, what we do, and everything in-between.

We hope that the following information helps to answer some of those lingering questions you may still have:
Students can ONLY be placed in our program by the school district-of-residence, typically via their Special Education / Pupil Services Director (or designated representative). Typically, the majority of our students have Individual Education Plans (IEP's), although we do accept non-IEP students, whose referrals come from school principals, guidance counselors, or school pyschologists.

Parents are NOT able to make personal referrals for their child(ren), due to the school district being responsible for all financial costs & obligations of a student's placement at Impact Academy.
The school district-of-residence is responsible for transporting students to and from Impact Academy, unless aother arrangements have been made.

Students may arrive in buses, vans, cabs, cars, helicopters, and licensed alien spacecraft; but NO bicycles, skateboards, motorized bikes, etc. are allowed as student transportation.

Students are also NOT allowed to drive themselves or any other students to or from Impact Academy, even if they have an OH Driver's License. (Sorry!)
What about Breakfast and Lunch?
Impact Academy provides supplementary food items, as allowed per our Canton City Health Department License, for both breakfast and lunch breaks offered to all students in need of such items. For breakfast, we typically have packaged breakfast bars or Pop Tarts available. For lunch, we provide individually packaged hot food items (i.e., cheeseburgers, corndogs, chicken sandwiches, etc.) or cold sandwiches (i.e., pb&j or bologna & cheese sandwiches), as well as a fruit, vegetable & a luxury item, such as chips, cookies, pudding, etc. Drink choices are either fruit or vegetable juices.

Breakfast occurs within the first 45 minutes of student arrival; while lunch is 12:15pm everyday. There is NO cost for breakfast or lunch for our students; it is a cost included in the daily rate charged to each student's school district.